Closed March 25 - April 6

Alma Bella Salon will be closed as of 6:00pm March 24th through April 6th due to COVID-19, in accordance to the Safer at Home Order. We plan to reopen April 7th for business unless the Safe at Home Order is extended. In case of that event, we will notify you. You can expect periodic updates from Alma Bella Salon to keep you in the loop on our plans.

Our customers’ health and well-being is a priority, so we encourage you to follow the precautions and recommendations that have been given and take this time of being home seriously to keep yourself and others safe.

As disappointing and unsettling as this situation is on many fronts, don’t forget to look for the hidden blessings that are present in the midst of this difficult time. History shows us that retreating from our everyday lives, even under difficult circumstances, can produce positive things:

  • While in quarantine, Shakespeare wrote King Lear.
  • While in quarantine for the plague, Newton developed calculus and discovered gravity
  • While under house arrest, Paul wrote part of the New Testament.
  • While in prison, Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress.

Let’s use this time and look for the gifts we’ve been given and make the most of them - time to slow our hurried schedules, spend time with family, or knock out some projects we’ve been putting off.

We will miss seeing all our customers over the next few weeks, but we are hoping everyone stays healthy and safe.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to reschedule an appointment please contact your stylist by selecting their name below.

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